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Arborist reports

What is an arborist report?

An arborist report is a document that describes which trees are present on the site, their condition, diseases, pests, and other issues, as well as treatment advice. Treatment may include fertilization, pest control, pruning, or even removal.

Why do you need an arborist report?

Whether you just want to remove a tree from your backyard as it is about to fall, or you need to clear a site from trees for further construction, you will need an arborist report. Trees By-Law is doing an excellent job keeping our neighborhoods green and an arborist report is one of the required documents to obtain a tree removal permit from the municipality.

Why choose us?

Arborist reports can only be prepared by certified professionals with experience in tree assessment. Our team of licensed and experienced specialists will make sure your arborist report is as accurate and suits your needs.

Arborist reports for construction sites

In most municipalities, a site approval process also requires the tree preservation plans and arborist reports to accompany the application. Tree By-Laws need comprehensive tree protection and permit applications if any trees are to be removed.

Our company has great experience in dealing with arborist reports and tree removal permits, and you would not have to worry about anything. We employ only skilled and certified professionals to ensure your best experience ever.


AllWay Services Inc. are professional arborists serving Greater Toronto Area tree care needs for over 10 years.


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